Are you looking for type and refinement ?  

Tibet's offspring 

Tibet was mainly used for dressage until the age of 14 years and his breeding career had not really been privileged. It's only from 2012 that European breeders start to know and to appreciate his amazing genetic potential and the steady quality of  his offspring. Then, he has started to be regularly used and the people who have trusted him for their mares are more than fulfilled! Tibet is the proud sire of more than 80 foals. 

Despite it, we must note that Tibet shows undeniable qualities of a real sire  and passes precious assets on his superb foals : 2 national dressage champions, 8 successful endurance horses (from CEN 40 km to CEI***), an European show champion ... and other marvelous family horses ! 


In addition to his exotic and refined type with curly ears, a nice wide forehead and big dark eyes, he also passes to his offspring strong bodies, long and flat croups, excellent legs, showy movements and very kind nature. Tibet is a stallion who marks his get and reveals himself as a real sire. His offspring shines in dressage, in endurance and in show. 





Fahrid des Iviers was classed "Très Bon" in Uzès, 2nd on the CEI* in Pamier and classed on the CEI** in Tartas (130 km)  

Godasil Tibhiya was good  in Uzes in 2013, on the 90 km VI race and  exported to  EAU 

Godasil Utika is 90 km qualified and take part to the 2014 championship for the young horses in Uzès, France and exported to UAE 

Godasil Utina is 90 km qualified and was exported to UAE. 

Godasil Urial succeeded on the CEI* * in Lignières and  exported to Bahrein. 

Dibet in Fire succeeded on the CEI* in 2017 and is licenced as breeding stallion as BON 

Lady Elena is CEI** qualified 

Palatina F is CEI* qualified  

Eaunoire Hamsine is CEI* qualified, she will go on for longer distance next season.  

Several young offspring of Tibet are starting their endurance career: Maïla F, Prezaj F, Esam Alif, Betty ... and in the following years, some other ones will join them, born at well-known talentous endurance riders who trusted and chose Tibet for their performer mares.  



 Eros was European show champion in the colt foal class in 2002 in Moorsele 



HB Kheops is 2011 Dressage National Champion 

HB Khaled is 2013 Dressage National Champion. 




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