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Bérengère FAYT
Les Calmettes
46300 Soucirac
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All in One ! 



Tibet is not available anymore as only a few doses remain.  


I keep the exclusive use of them for my straight Russian broodmares.  


Thank you so much to all the clients who trusted him for years!!! 


Your mare deserves the best! 


The quality of the Tibet's offspring doesn't have to be demonstrated anymore 


Type, sportive abilities, refinement, morphology, size, character, sportive mind, movements, they inherit the exceptional qualities and versatility of their great sire, for the greatest happiness of their breeder. Dressage champions, Int A show champion, endurance performers ... ALL IN ONE. And always sooo kind characters ! 


Tibet is an perfect sire who lets the assets of the mares pass on to the foal, strengthening it, and adds his amazing qualities. With Tibet, no hasardous cross, only proven certainties. 


Beautiful, pleasant, versatile and efficient under the saddle, Tibet's offspring will thrill you! 


Feel free to contact me and join the circle of the happy breeders of a Tibet's foal ! 


Faber Arabians is and remains the exclusive dealer the breedings of Tibet through Europe!