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Tibet, the All in One stallion, a great breeding prospect for any mare ! 


Versatility, quality and authenticity! 


Narav Ibn Aswan 



Nikita gave three full sibling by Kubinec at Osterhof :  

Davidoff in 1995 : junior champion in Langenfeld and Paderborn, international junior champion in Blommeröd, international junior champion in Deurne, gold premium Stallion in Aachen. He is the sire of numerous champions, for example SC Dagash, european champion and international multi-champion. 


Tibet in 1996 


Shir Khan in 1997 : international champion in Ostende and in Menton 

His dam Nikita was a superb mare, an international multi-champion, who unfortunately passed away in 1998. 


Nikita passed to Tibet her extreme refinement. She is herself a great ambassador of her sire Narav Ibn Aswan, *Elite stallion, German National, Platin Cup, All Nations Cup champion and Reserve World champion and the famous Aswan. Nikita is a daughter of Nostalgia (Neman), the well-known dam of great international champions as Astoria, Praetoria, etc. The pedigree of Nostalgia is a very classic russian pedigree with three times the famous cross Aswan x Arax, a Priboj line and one of Naseem. In addition, she has the great caracteristic to bring three times the blood of the legendary Nomenklatura, one of the fourth "Queens of Tersk", dam of Nabeg, the sire of Menes, Neman and Nariadni, to name a few ; and of Neposeda 2/13 (5-3-5), All Union Exhibition champion mare, winner of the Russian Price and another Queen of Tersk. Neposeda had passed her so precious genetic on russian arabian horses by her offspring : Nariadnaia, the dam of Nariadni ; Namek ; Napitok ; Nemezida, the dam of Numizmat ; Nasmeshnik ; Nega, the dam of Neman and Vengria ; Naturshitsa, the dam of Darlei, Nadpis, Angelika ; Narada 2/10(1-2-2) ; Nefisa, the dam of Nefison, Pattrone and Nesravenennaja, All Union Exhibition reserve champion. Neposeda is a daughter of one of the founder stallions of Tersk, Priboj 2/8(6-2-0), winner of the Russian Derby and Autumn Price, sire of 26 Stakes winners and 19 Stakes placed horses. All the Tersk breeding programm is based on his offspring, to name a few : Pietuszok, Topol, Pomeranets, Ptashka, Monopolia, Metropolia, Malpia, Platina and Neposeda. 


Through his pedigree, Tibet traces 7 times to Mammona, 5 times to Nomenklatura, 7 times to Naseem, 7 times to Priboj, 5 times to Aswan and 4 times to Arax. 



Muscat, USA, Scottdale and Canadian Champion 

1987 - Kosmetika with Kubinec as a foal in Tersk 

Balaton - Menes x Panagia (Aswan)  

1992 European Champion and Horse of the Century  

His sire Kubinec (by Balaton, european champion), *Elite stallion, born in Tersk in Russia in 1987. Kubinec is known as the best son of Balaton, legendary sire, himself called Horse of the Century ! Kubinec arrived in Europe in 1991 and began his fantastic show and breedingcareer. He won the German National championship, the European Championship, the World Championship and the Platinum Cup. The ECAHO gave him his higher award : 5 stars for all his career and his offspring results ! Indeed, his offspring had won all the avalaible titles : National Championships, Nations Cup, European and World Championships and the famous titles of US National Champion and Scottdale Grand Champion.  

Kubinec's dam is Kosmetika, daughter of the famous Muscat, triple crown champion in 1980 : USA, Scottdale and Canada champion, and of the K line founder Karta 2/16(4-4-1). Karta is one of the fourth "Queens of Tersk" and is the dam of Kilimandscharo (*Elite stallion and German National Champion, sire of many good endurance and show horses) and the sister of the great Kumir (Mak). Karta is also the dam of Carolina, the Karavan's dam ; Kariatida, the Kupol's dam ; Karinka 2/21 (8-8-2), the dam of Drug, Karnaval, Kingsize, Kosmonaut, Vakansia ; Klarnet, etc. 

Kubinec is a special stallion for me because he is the unforgettable stallion I saw winning the World Championship as a senoir stallion in 1994 and who had definitely anchor my passion for the russian bloodlines. I'm so happy to own a marvelous son of him with Tibet, for the perpetuation of his heritage throughout his offspring. 


Born in 1996 at the famous Gestüt Osterhof in Germany, Tibet carries the blood of the very best russian breeding horses. The greatest champions are in his pedigree : Kubinec, Balaton, Menes, Narav Ibn Aswan, Aswan, Neman, Kilimandscharo, ... 



Born at Osterhof stud, Tibet was bought in 1999 in Germany by Mrs M-F Scohier-Defalque, a highly skilled dressage rider, and was trained for dressage contests. He is a mahogany bay stallion with 4 black feet, he carries the silver gene. He passes very few white to his offsprings and is an ideal match for the mares with too much white. 


Tibet  was very successful in this discipline with many wins at National level 4, against horses of all breeds.  


- 2001: Rhode-Saint-Genèse: Com. 2 – A6 level L – 5e / 5ème  

- 2001: Châtelet: Com 2 – 5 ans – 5e / 5ème  

- 2004: Open Competition: level M  

- 2004: DAP: Jeneffe: 1st L5 + M2  

- 2004: DAP: Brecht: 1st L5 + M2 + highest score 

- 2004: DAP: Balen: 3rd LF + M2  

- 2007 : Open Competition - many wins in level 3  

- 2007 : Open Competition - 1st of the GHO challenge -  level 3  

- 2007 : Open Competition - selected for the "inter-groupement" team 

- 2007 : Open Competition - qualified level 4  

- 2007 : Open Competition - 1st in level 2 with Charlotte Defalque, a 12 yrs old competitor.  

- 2007 : L.E.W.B. - member of the young talent detection programm of Anne d’Ieteren with Charlotte Defalque, 12 yrs old as rider. 


Even if he was not really trained for shows (because of his training for the dressage competition), he was placed two times second of class in the two B shows he took part. It has to be considered as a great result ! 


Tibet could also benefit from the experiment of the "Les Iviers" endurance staff which made him qualified on 70 km ! 


Lifetime licensed with a first premium in Belgium, Tibet is also licensed in France. Since he is arrived, he continues to show an exceptional caracter, joining with a lot of respect the mares'band with which he behaves like a perfect gentleman. 


His offsprings have strong abilities in sport and for the performance. They are, like their father, reconized for their great mental when they have to work under the saddle, they like it so much ! Some other qualities of the foals of Tibet are type, pretty eyes and ears, refined head, great bodies with flat and long croup and size. They are also good prospect for the show, very versatile offsprings of high quality !  


In conclusion, Tibet is a famously versatile stallion who combines refined arabian type, mental, morphology, sportive abilities, legendary stright russian bloodlines and size (1m58) ! What a sire prospect for your mares !  


Movements and charisma 





And during a magic day in autumn 2010, my hopes were fullfiled !  

Tibet, a exceptional straight russian stallion with a famous pedigree joined Faber Arabians ! 


Tibet put versatility first ! He combines a impressive record of archievements in dressage with all the other assets I like in an arabian horse.  He is a perfect addition to my breeding program. 

With Tibet, it's a dream which comes true ! There was a long time I was looking for a straight russian stallion which combines charisma;  pedigree, arabian type, mind, sport, show and breeding qualities. Absolutely not easy to find !!! 


These strong qualities have to be respected to guarantee good match with my mares. 

Tibet - Kubinec x Nikita - Narav Ibn Aswan 

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