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Palatina F, called Titi, was born at my stud the 1rst of may in 2004. A unlimited happiness filled me when I discovered this beautiful bay filly without white leg, as her famous sire. Then, I deciced to keep her with me and I sold her dam to my friend Diane Berthod from Elevage Blue Gold. 


Palatina F is a very refined and typy mare who catches your eye. She is tall, dynamic and very showy. She is a real friend for my childrens and I, especially with my daughter Charlotte. She is a very secure riding horse and a endurance mare with a great future prospect. Palatina F was CEI* qualified ! Titi is tested CA carrier and SCID clear. 

 2017 - Prodigio F by AF Umoyo (Nadir I) - a tall and handsome gelding who is kept at our farm for being valued under the saddle as a Faber Arabians horse.  

Strong points 



Palatina F is a tall and charismatic mare who catches your eye. She has a typey head with wide forehead, an incredible presence, great and well-built body with a long and flat croup. Palatina F has a naturally very showy attitude with amazing movements. Her endurance results and all her other qualities : type, morphology, movements, character, make her a very interesting mare. 


Palatina F also shows a functional conformation: strong legs, powerful hindquarter, good movements, fantastic mind and great capacity for adaptation.  



Panama of Tersk 


Palitra with Ponomarev 




Palatina F is a daughter of the superb Tibet, the former Faber Arabians' stallion. She comes from a paternal sire line from Kubinec x Narav Ibn Aswan x Neman, of whom she inherits her look. Please, have a look on the Tibet's page to learn more about his bloodlines : Tibet  


Palatina F's dam is Palnisia, a very good and beautiful broodmare who was owned by theElevage Blue Gold - France. Palnisia is a daughter of the well-known Karnaval 1/1 (0-0-1) by the great Naftalin 1/10 (2-1-3) out of Karinka 2/21 (8-8-2) by Aswan, the dam of Drug, Kosmonaut, Koldunia and Vakansia. Karnaval was named Nederland national champion and some years later, he was exported in Italy. He produced very good race horses as well as very successful show horses. Her daughter Valujevka, one of the most valuable broodmare always used at Tersk, produced famous race horses and winners. Vestival, Vihoda and Verkarna, all show winners, are other examples of the high quality of this stallion. Karnaval gave daughters who are exceptional and precious broodmares. 


Naftalin is  a progenitor of the Koheilan I — Piolun line, inbred to the outstanding horses Priboj, Dziwa, and Farys II. A typical Kuhailan, the stallion impresses the visitors with his huge expressive eyes. As a two-year-old he raced ten times and was placed six times.  He left excellent sons at Tersk : Almaz 3/25 (4-8-4), Aspekt (gagnant de la All-Stake traditional), Bagdad, Versal, Gordon, Parusnik, Perepel, ...  


The Karnaval's dam is Karinka 2/21 (8-8-2), exceptional race horse, full sibling to Kilimandscharo. She also produced Kosmonaut with Naftalin and with Prizrak, the famous Drug. 


The Palnisia's dam is Palisade AA, superb daughter of the great Menes out of the unforgettable Palitra by Salon, the US national champion mare, dam of Palitrina par Menes, full sibling to Palisade AA and also US national champion and of the famous Ponomarev by Salon. 


What a pedigree ! 


Palatina F - Tibet x Palnisia (Karnaval) 

2004 - E,e A,A 


2009 - AF Papaya by Papillon (Neman), leased by Arabian Fantasie, she gave birth to a pretty filly who is a broodmare in Holland. 

2023 - Perfecta F by AF Syurpriz, so the 3/4 sibling to Prodigio F! A true marvel!