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Palatina F, nickname Titi, was born at my stud the 1rst of may in 2004. A huge happiness filled me when I discovered this beautiful bay filly. She is everything a breeder  could hope! 


Then, I deciced to keep her with me and I sold her dam to Diane Berthod (Elevage Bluegold). 



Palatina F is a very charismatic and typey mare who immediatly catches your eye. She is tall, dynamic and very showy. She is a real friend for my children and I, especially with my daughter Charlotte. She is a very secure riding horse and a endurance mare with a great future prospect. Palatina F was CEI* qualified ! 


Not only a superb, well-built, typey and so sweet mare, but also a fantastic producer!!! With only a few offspring, Palatina F has made her imprint at Faber Arabians, producing type, amazing conformation, soundness, charisma and movement! 


When I sold Palnisia in 2005, the Palatina F and Pavlova Bluegold's dam, I kept the regret not to have produced more with her.
The damline is the most important point to me and I knew that this one was exceptional!

Totally lost in the straight Russian breeding programs in Europe and Russia, a very precious ancestor, the great Palitra (Salon), great-granddam of Pavlova Bluegold and Palatina F, has left such a wonderful imprint into the breed!


Nowadays, so many show champions and winning lines come from this unique damline, used, between others, at Michael Byatt, Dubaï Stud, Elkasun Arabians, Al Jassimya farm, Oman Royal stables, Jadem Arabians and many others. To mention only a few: FA El Shawan, sire of FA El Rasheem; EKS Mansour, Menton silver champion; EKS Shakira, Top Ten world champion, Palitrina US National Champion mare; Kadraj, leading western pleasure sire; Ponomarev, sire of so many champions; ...


Palatina F - Tibet x Palnisia (Karnaval) 

2004 - E,e A,A 

In foal to AF Syurpriz


First dam

* Palnisia (Karnaval) 1995 1m53
  Dam of :
   - Palaïa F (Habibate Nazarbayev)
   - Palayev F (Habibate Nazarbayev)
   - Palatina F (Tibet) – broodmare at Faber Arabians – CEI * 100 km qualified
   - Palmystaa Bluegold (Mystic Image) – Show jumping
   - Pavlova Bluegold (Davidoff) – broodmare at Faber Arabians
   - Panovskaia Bluegold (AF Manjaroh) endurance : top ten CEI** 120km UAE
   - Pakachona Bluegold (AF Manjaroh)
   - Paramohn Bluegold (AF Manjaroh) – sire in France

Second dam

* Palisade AA (Menes) 1989
  Dam of:
   - Palnisia (Karnaval)
   - Palnivia (Karnaval)
   - Eden’s Petrus El Bri (CH El Brillo)

Third dam

* Palitra (Salon) 1970 US National Champion
  Bred by Tersk Stud, USSR.
  1972 Imported to Germany.
  1980 Imported to USA
  Dam of :
   - Passem (Mali) DRE** 1975
     Sire of :
     * Prim de Syrah**** on offspring. More than 60 CEI ** and *** top ten, top three and winners
     * Flash de Syrah
     * Kemax’h *** (Indice de carrière 142)
     * Feu de Castanedes **
     * Viorne Al Maury
     * Nico de Syrah *** on offspring
   - Paschaa (Kilimandsharo) exp USA 1976
   - Polarka (Sultan) 1979
   - Ponomarev (Salon) 1982 exp Brazil 1989
     Sire of
     * SF Valentino : silver medal senior stallion Menton 1998, senior stallion champion Int B Cervia, Top ten World championships.
     * Devitsa, dam of Res World champion Papouchka (Monitor) and of Diacira de Lafon, dam of Shiraz de Lafon (Shangaï EA)
      2014- Best head Colt in  the European championship of Moorsele (Belgique)
                  2014- Top 5 of European championship of Moorsele (Belgique)
                  2014- Bronze Champion yearling Colt, Stohen (Allemagne)
                  2014- Gold Champion Yearling Colt, Koksijde (Belgique)
     * Petreena, dam of Palawan (Padron’s Ghibli), dam of Panarea by Palawan
2007 Senior Res. Champion Mare Dubai Show
               2007 Senior Champion Mare Sharjah Show
               2006 World Res. Champion Filly, Salon du Cheval
     * Julia Bea – World champion mare and Canadian Top Ten mare
     * Khadraj NA The all time leading Sire of National Champion Western Horses (111 champions and 44 National winners through 2007, 40% of his champions have become National winners)!
    *Aluia - Brazilian National Champion Mare
    * Quinta - Brazilian Top Ten Mare
    * Pontrona  U.S. and Canadian Top Ten Western Pleasure, dam of U.S. Top Ten Hunt Pleasure Futurity Ekkatarina
    * Navitra - dam of National Champion sire Sundance BF
   - Make Believe (Salon) 1983
   - Praise RB (Padron) 1984
   - Palaverin (Pesniar) 1985
   - Palitrina (Menes) 1987 US National champion mare
     Dam of:
     * Echatarine (Echo magnifficoo) 1996
       Dam of:
       + Chatrinaa 2001 (Dakar El Jamaal)
       + Evaalyn 2002 (Dakar El Jamaal)
       + D Jowan 2008 (Marwan Al Shaqab)
       + D Oriowan 2010 (Royal Colours)
       + D Jareen 2012 (Royal Colours)
       + D Ershad 2014 (Alexander CCA)
       + D Mal 2015 (SG Labib)
       + B Barq 2017 (D Mshary)
     * Starrina (WN Ultimate star) 1997
     * Patrina de Parys (Parys El Jamaal) 1999 foundation mare at Michael Byatt
       Dam of:
       + Phaeddra 2005 (Marwan Al Shaqab)
       + TA Palatine 2006 (Marwan Al Shaqab)
       + Paza Doble 2007 (Gazal Al Shaqab)
       + OFW Paloma 2008 (WN Star of Antigua)
       + Patriciaa 2009 (Marwan Al Shaqab) 2012 Scottsdale Classic Champion Three-Year-  Old Filly, 2012 ABWC Las Vegas Silver Supreme Champion Junior Mare 2012 US Reserve Nat Ch 3 Yr Old Filly
       + EKS Phateena 2009 (WN Star of Antigua) Dam of 2019 Menton silver champion EKS Mansour
       + Palitraa 2010 (Marwan Al Shaqab)
       + Sahara Patrina 2011 (OFW Magic Wan)
       + Patriziaa 2012 (OFW Magic Wan)
       + Prestige Al Khazna 2012 (OF Magic Wan)
       + EKS Faizah 2017 (Ibn Farid)
       + EKS Parisa 2015 (Fadi Al Shaqab)
  - HED Shania (Parys El Jamaal) 2000  Regional Reserve Champion Filly and Champion Broodmare at the Arabian Breeders World Cup Show in Las Vegas
     Dam of:
     * Shalitrina RRX 2005 (Pomerol)
     * Sharol TRF 2010 (Besson Carol)
     * Shakeel TRF 2011 (Allesio)
  - Palais de Dakar (Dakar El Jamaal) 2002 Canadian Reserve National Champion   Futurity Filly and U.S. Top Ten Futurity Filly
     Dam of:
    * HB Palas 2009 (Om El Shahmaan)
    * HB Pavlova 2010 (Brixx IA)
    * Janinah Aljassimya 2014 (WH Justice)
    * Jaleelat Aljassimya 2015 (WH Justice)
    * Samaher Aljassimya 2016 (Sahm El Arab)
    * Patrican B (Besson Carol) 2002
    * Patrician B (Besson Carol) 2003 Regional Reserve Champion Colt. Reserve National Champion Colt of South Africa. S uccessful sire in South Africa
    * Poetica B (Besson Carol) 2005 Scottsdale Top Ten.  Now a wonderful show and foundation breeding mare for Elkasu n Arabians of Cape Town, South Africa.
      Dam of
     + EKS Shakira (Shakir El Mazran) 2011 National Champion Filly of South Africa -owned by The Royal Cavalry of Oman, 2014 South African National Champion Junior mare Top 10 Senior mares, Paris World Championships 2017
    + EKS Alejandra (by EKS Alihandro) Gold Champion Junior filly
    + EKS Fairouz (by Ibn Farid)
    + EKS Pomona B (Marwan Al Shaqab)
    + EKS Splendida (Ibn Farid)
  - Platon (Gazal Al Shaqab) 2007
  - Palagio (WN Star of Antigua) 2008
  - Pamila (Marwan Al Shaqab) 2009
  - Palma Ceia (Menes) 1988 broodmare in Germany
  - Palisade AA (Menes) 1989 here above mentioned

Fourth dam

* Panama of Tersk 7 (2-2-2-0) learn more about Panama of Tersk on her page
   Dam of 5 US champions, 3 US National winners, and 5 producers of US National winners:
   - Panika 1969 (Kankan)
   - Palitra 1970 (Salon) here above mentioned
   - Poklon 1971 (Kankan)
   - Bandola 1973 (Muslin) dam of U.S. Reserve National Champion Half-Arabian Stock/Hunter Gelding Supreme Viscount
   - Camilaa 1974 (Muslin) dam of twice U.S. Top Ten Jumper Hesitationn
   - Evelin 1976 (Muslin) dam of U.S. and Canadian National Champion Western Sidesaddle and U.S. Top Ten Hunt Pleasure  and Western Pleasure Nubert
   - Panntera 1978 (Kniazj) dam of 11 times National winner Pentacon (whose titles include multiple National Championships in hunt pleasure) and of Canadian National Champion Basic Dressage and multi-top ten hunt pleasure Panthere.
   - Promises 1979 (Ansata Ibn Halima) great-great-granddam of FA El Rasheem
   - Penelope DSA 1980 (Padron) U.S. Top Ten Futurity Mare
   - Tuikva 1982 (Salon)
   - Persia DSA 1983 (Salon)
   - Platashka 1984 (Salon) 1992 Scottsdale Champion Mare
   - Konstatinople 1986 (Padron) 1990 Region 1 Top Five Western Pleasure Junior Horse
   - MR Prospector 1988 (Padron)
   - Arius SS 1991 (RD Ariel)
    1994 US Maturity/     Futurity Top Ten West Pl & Hunter Pl, 1998 Can Nat Top Ten West Pl, 1998 Can Nat Ch Western     Pl AAO 40+, 1998 US Nat Top Ten West Pl & West Pl AAO 40+, 2001 US Nat Top Ten West Pl AAO 40+, 2002 US Nat     Res Ch West Pl, 2003 US Nat Ch Western Pl AAO 40+, Scottsdale and regional wins in Western Pl, Hunter Pl & Halter.
  - Plamista SS (Muscat) U.S. Top Ten Hunt Pleasure and halter champion

Fifth dam

* PLATINA (Priboj) 12 (4-3-2-0) Oaks skate GR1 winner, placed 3x GR2, 1x GR3
  Full sibling to Pietuzsok, Topol, Ptashka, uterine sister of Trapecia.
  Dam of Panel (Nil), the dam of the legendary stallion Palas and of Panorama, the dam of the US reserve National champion mare Pesenka (Salon)


By Tibet (Kubinec x Nikita) - find all the information about Tibet on his page

Gallery of the ancestors


2009 - AF Papaya (Papillon), leased by Arabian Fantasie (NL). Broodmare at Rifat Arabians - The Nederlands

2017 - Prodigio F (AF Umoyo) - a tall (1m63) and handsome gelding, valued under the saddle

2023 -  Perfecta F (AF Suurpriz), the 3/4 sister of Prodigio F - a true marvel!!!