Why to choose a Faber Arabians' bred horse? 


A story of exigency, an experience of excellence! 


Faber Arabians: Straight russian Arabian horses: 

Versatility, quality, authenticity! 

As a professional breeder, I offer you the European legal guarantees of the protect ion of the customer. 

Faber Arabians is a professional breeding company registered in Belgium under the number BE0829.767.692 


Our guarantees: 


* Quality of the breeding stock: a rigorous selection! 


      o Functional and typical conformation 

      o Health and robustness 

      o Charisma, refined arab type, movement and morphology 

      o Fantastic mind 

      o Prestigious proven Russian bloodlines 


* Breeding experience: more than 25 years already! 


      o Specific food 

      o Constant veterinary and farrier follow-up 

      o Careful education of the foals 

      o Impeccable administrative and sanitary proceedings 

      o Lifestyle adapted to the needs of horses 


* Environment: an unparalleled asset! 


      o Ideal soil area for the Arab horse 

      o Daily diversified experiences 

      o Herd life 

      o Natural meadows 

      o Intellectual stimulation