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2012 - Maravilla F was born! Such an emotion seeing how perfect she is! Maravilla F was first sold to France and then in Switzerland. 


2011 - Magic Fire F - Monserrat gave birth to a fantastic near leopard Appaloosa filly by NAD Casper, Appaloosa 100% foundation sire.  

2009 - Nade Casper F - Monserrat gave birth to a black Appaloosa filly by NAD Casper, Appaloosa 100% foundation sire. She left us very too soon ... in loving memory. 



2008 - Magnificat F, by MM Sultan. Magnificat F has been sold in France and is ridden in endurance. 




Strong points 


Monserrat is a typical russian mare with an incredible charisma. She has inherited the marvelous eye of her sire Namaz and her great-sire Mukomol, with enormous eyes she passes on her offspring. She is friendly with humans and loves childrens ! Monserrat is also very showy with an amazing movement, she is the mare everybody remember. 


She has a excellent neck, long and well done, a oblic shoulder and sound and straight great legs. She has wonderful tissues and is a typical exemple of the Arab breed. Her morphology prooves one more time that beauty and sportive abilities are two main attributes of the russian arabians. 


Under the saddle, Serra is very dynamic and like to galop. She has a great mind and is never afraid  outdoor. She gave all she can for her rider, always nice and quiet. She has the "winner" mind ! 

The dam of Monserrat SU is Miniatura, broodmare at Tersk. She has a twin sister who is called Montana. Miniatura is a daughter of the refined Negasimyi 2/11(2-0-4), show champion in Russia and chief sire at Tersk. He is by Gwizd out of Nani, another of the marvelous Aswan daughters, she is the full sibling of Numizmat and Antey 1/11(3-3-3) national champion in The Nederlands. Miniatura's dam is Mednaja 1/6(1-0-1), sold in The Nederlands during the THS 2004. She is a nice Balaton 2/10(0-3-4) daughter out of Medianka 1/7 (1-1-2) by Nabeg 2/9(2-1-3-0-3) and Margaritka 2/14(3-4-3), a Monopolia 2/14(3-4-2) daughter. Mednaja is also the dam of Miza by Piligrim, one of the best broodmares at Tersk for this moment. 

Monserrat brings at Faber Arabians such a fantastic damline, she is a really great prospect for breeding for all the russian lovers ! 

Nutria with Nikel 




Serra is one of the rare offspring of the famous Namaz, of whom she has inherited her type and her expression and of whom she has inherited her awesome eyes. 


Namaz, son of Mukomol 1/9 (2-1-4), the famous race horses genitor of Tersk and out of Nutria 2/21 (3-4-4), Russian Derby winner, worldclass race and broodmare, also the dam of Nikel 3/8 (2-2-0), Navodchik 3/23 (3-1-4) and Anchar 5/38(11-6-7-2). Namaz 1/5(2-0-1-0-1) raced as a 2yo. in Piatygorsk - 1200-1.27,5; 1400-1.40,2. He sired blacktype racing get and a speed record holder. Namaz broke his hind leg during his third race. He was just winning his two first races and was already recognized as a future race legend. Tersk allowed a private breeder to take him and try to save him. Namaz received the best cares and he could stay alive. In 2002, he was back to Tersk for only one breeding season. He left very good horses, as Angleter, 2007 national champion and chief sire at Tersk for this moment. 


There is only three Namaz offspring who left the Tersk : Monserrat, Nominacia et Dimaz. This bloodline is then very precious for the russian lovers !  


Mukomol 1/9 (2-1-4), who represents the Korej line at Tersk, was known for his amazing type, his beautiful head with big eyes and his great neck. Exceptional athlete and race winner, he was catching all the hearts when he was showed ! He gave numerous great race horses and show horses as  Grand (out of Nevesta), Alhimik (2006 national champion et 2 x reserve champion of Russia), Balzam (winner of many races) ... 


Mukomol is by Kumir 2/17(3-4-3) out of Malinka 1/4 (1-0-1), one of the best Aswan daughters out of Malutka 2/16(4-1-4) by Salon. Malutka win the USSR exhibition show and the Summer prize in race. 

"Serra" is such a precious mare for me. She catches your eye at the first sight with her so typical arabian head, her character and her charisma, you really never forget her ! She has also prooved a high genetic quality as a broodmare! She is just  what every breeder wants! 


Born in Tersk in 2003, she was exported to The Nederlands in 2005 and went to the 2005 Tersk Holland Sale, where I saw her for the first time. As Robbie Den Hartog said about her during the sale, "Look her in the eyes !". She really has an unforgettable eye she passes on her offspring !   


Serra embodies the real Tersk founder mares type. Besides their well balanced conformations, their sportive power and their amazing movements, Serra brings at Faber Arabians the old original bloodlines of the best russian horses. Serra is tested CA and SCID clear 

Monserrat SU - Namaz x Miniatura (Negasimyi) 

2003 - E,E a,a 


2013 - Maïla F - second one of the excellent mate Tibet x Serra, Maïla F was sold in utero to the Elevage de la Bondrie, specialized in endurance horses. 

2014 - Mirazj F - This superb strong colt has charmed a client from Senegal and spends a peaceful life on the african continent with his stablemate Pristan F.

2015 - Mazkha F was born and captured the heart of Aurélie from France. Unfortunately, this superb filly died by accident when she was a yearling.

2016 - Mysterr F is a true charmer with his amazing type. He has been sold to France as a future breeding stallion. 

2017 - Moran F by Riki's Goran (Drug) was a gorgeous colt sold to Kanbur Arabians, Austria. Unfortunately, he passed away in 2019 in an operation. 

2019 - Magistral F immediatly has caught our heart with his awesome eyes and his conformation to die for! Perhaps one of the best Monserrat offspring!

2020 - Moïra F by Tibet is a dark bay little jewel. Smart, refined, very feminine, she is one of a kind! Moïra F will stay at stud as her dam's successor.