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Germiona Tersk - Gusliar x Madeyra (Drug)


By GUSLIAR 17 (3-3-4-3) - Winner: Beresta Stakes Gr2, Equiros Cup ; 3rd Moscow Cup Gr1 ; 3x 2nd Handicap races. Bred by Stavropol Stud. GUSLIAR is a son of the excellent sire SARKAZM 17 (7-4-4-1), winner of the Budyonny Stakes - St Léger Gr1, winner Gr2 Race, 2nd Comparison Stakes (Sravnenia) Gr2, 4x winner Open Races Gr3.

SARKAZM is by KUMIR, sire of VATICAN, Nikel, Pesennik, MUKOMOL, Pakistan, Takema, between other successful athetic offspring, out of Sopernica (Pomeranets), a daughter of the legendary founder of the famous "S" performance line in Tersk, Sapina. Sopernica also produced: Savanna (Naslednik), exp. NDL and owned by the late Jan Calis ; STREPET (Topol) 21 (5-7-2-5) Winner Elita Stakes Gr2, 2nd URSS Prize Gr1 ; Australia (Pesniar), the dam of Astronaut exp. Italy and Adina, exp. NDL ; GROZD 15 (8-2-0-2) winner Taktika Stakes Gr2, 2nd Oaks Stakes Gr1 and Distancia (Mashuk), 10 (1-3-1-4), silver champion Wales and West Arab Show.
SARKAZM, black type and black type producer, is also the sire of, between others: GAST 10 (3-3-2-1) winner Comparison Stakes Gr2, 2nd Kraznodar Derby Gr1 and Naseem Stakes Gr1, 2nd Autumn Stakes Gr2 ; Grass 4 (2-2-0-0) 2nd Summer Stakes Gr2 ; EXEL 15 (5-2-3-0) winner Kraznoday Derby Gr1, Autumn Stakes Gr2, Great Summer Stakes Gr2, Aswan Stakes Gr3 ; Eliksir 3 (0-3-0-0) 2nd Great Cup Gr1, Summer Stakes Gr2, Trial Stakes Gr3 ; Marsad 4 (0-2-0-2) 2nd Spring Stakes Gr2, SOSNA 10 (1-3-4-1) winner Tersk Stakes Gr3, 2nd Taktika Stakes Gr2, 3rd Oaks Stakes Gr1 ; Pustelga, Silver champion senior mares Russian National Championship ; STATUS 19 (10-5-0-4) winner: Great Cup ex Kalinin Stakes Gr1, All-Russian Derby Gr1, Moscow Derby Gr1, Summer Stakes Gr2, Autumn Stakes Gr2, Closing Race season Stakes Gr3, Topol Stakes Gr3, Pesniar Stakes Gr3. 2nd: Budyonny Stakes St Léger Gr1, Elita Stakes Gr2, Great Summer Stakes Gr2, Introductory Stakes Gr3, Aswan Stakes Gr3 ; Dantes 14 (4-3-1-1) 4x gr4 winner, 2nd Elita Stakes Gr2, 3rd Pesniar Stakes Gr3.

The dam of GUSLIAR is Gvardia 9 (1-3-3-2), a daughter of Viking by Menes out of Glazur (Slet) out of the famous Pankarta damline, whose daughter Polnoch, the Glazur granddam, is known for being the dam of Puma and Parana, both by Aswan ; of Veteran, by Mashuk ;  of Polinezia, by Nabeg, between others.

Offspring by GUSLIAR:
- Grafinia Tersk 8 (1-2-1-1) full sibling of Germiona, winner and 3rd Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan HARC Festival, Silver Junior Champion
- Vega Tersk - Junior Gold Champion
- Vorojea Tersk - 2nd CEIYJ 1* 100 km
- Agnia Tersk - 3rd Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan HARC Festival
- Valgalla Tersk 11 (2-2-1-0) 2nd Tutti Frutti Tersk Stakes
- Tugarin Tersk - 1st Athletic Cup
- Tigrica Tersk 7 (2-2-0-1) winner: Sheikh Sultan Bin Zayed Al Nahyan HARC Festival, Open Race, 2nd Rahba Stakes
- GOSPAJA UDACHA TERSK 12 (2-1-1-2) winner: Autumn Stakes Gr3, 2nd Open Prize race
- Saigon Tersk 3rd Emirates Breeders Cup


1st dam: MADEYRA – by DRUG – 42 (16-11-5-4) winner of the URSS Prize GR1 and Ministry of agriculture Stakes GR1 – Show: European Gold champion.
MADEYRA's records: 10 (4-4-2-0) winner of the Oaks Stakes GR1 and of the Taktika Stakes and the Karinka Stakes
Full sister to MADIAR 39 (17-12-4-4) 1st Stallions 9 years & over and Gold champion senior male St. Petersburg Open Show  -
1st Stallions 4 years & over Russian National Championships and Gold champion Senior males (see below)

Dam of:
MARY  (Nuits St. Georges) – best mare ever on the racetrack in Russia – 18 (13-2-0-1) 2x Winner Oaks Great Prize GR1, Winner Autumn Prize, Sprint Prize, Mammona Stakes, Comparison Prize, Great Cup GR1, etc.
- Merilin (Namaz) 3 (3-0-0-0)
- Mishel  (Marwan)
- Mersedes Gol  (Alkhimik)
- Majordom  (Djebbel)
- Modest  (Status) - 4th- CEI**, 1st CEI*
- Prokhorov  (Kamelot)
- Messina Tersk  (Sirdar) - 4 (1-0-1-1)
- Malinka Tersk  (Nonius)
- Mashenka Tersk  (Newmarket)
- Makmadea Tersk  (Maklaud)
- Grafinia Tersk  (Gusliar) – 8 (1-2-1-1)
- Germiona Tersk  (Gusliar)
- Mars Tersk  (Asmur)
- Mindal Tersk  (Dostatok)
- Merkuriy Tersk  (Marcipan)

2nd dam: MARTINIKA (Aswan) - 14 (2-2-2-2), winner Gr3.

Dam of:
- GRIM (Mukomol) - 29 (1-4-5-6)
- Dzhigit (Tallin) - 21 (0-1-4-6)
- Magusta (Nimroz) 9 (1-1-2-2)
- Magnolyia (Gwizd) 3rd B Intern. Lowland Arabian Cup
- Mag (Gwizd) - 6 (0-1-0-1)
- Moguchiy (Gusar) 12 (1-1-2-2)
- MARSEL (ASPEKT) 15 (1-3-5-2) 2nd May Stakes, winner and 2x 2nd Open Stakes, 3rd Aswan Stakes, 3rd All-Russian Derby, 3rd Tersk Stud Stakes
- Martina (ASPEKT) 15 (2-2-4-4) winner Open Stakes
- Martin (ASPEKT)
- MADIAR (DRUG) - 39 (17-12-4-4) - prize money: 6 242 295 RUB - Winner: Great Cup ex Kalinin Stakes Gr1, Great Summer Stakes Gr2, Aswan Stakes Gr3, All-Russian Derby Gr1, Budyoni Stakes St Leger Gr1, Closing race season Stakes Gr3, Great Spring Cup Gr2, 2x Tersk Stud Stakes Gr3, DARC August Stakes in Holland. Second: Prize of Europe 2000 in Warszawa, Poland, Summer Stakes Gr2, Open Stakes, 2x Comparison Stakes Gr2, Arhus Prijs, Baresta Stakes, 2x Pesniar Stakes Gr3, Europa Cup by Michelin (Kat A), Topol Stakes Gr3.
- MANILA (NARD) 7 (2-1-1-0) Winner Named Race Gr 3, 2nd Open Stakes Gr1
- MADEYRA (DRUG) here above
- MATERIK (ASPEKT) 9 (1-1-2-1) - Winner and 3rd Tersk Stud Stakes Gr3, 2nd An-Ser Ltd Prize Gr2

3rd dam: MONOGRAMMA (Knippel) - Reserve Champion Senior mares US National - 13 (4-3-3-2) Winner Gr2, Winner Trials Stakes Gr3, 3x 3rd Gr2, 3x Winner Gr3, 2nd Tersk Stud Stakes Gr3 - set a speed record as a 2yrs old (1500m).

Dam of:
- MALUTKA  (Salon) 16 (4-1-4-2) winner Summer Stakes Gr2, Tersk Stakes Gr3, Race Gr2, 3rd Kura River Oaks Stakes Gr1; Gold champion, Best of breed and Elite All-Soviet Union Exhibition ; dam of: Malinka, Madonna, Mascat and Mashuk (all by Aswan) ; Modnaia (Namek) 17 (10-2-4-1) winner Oaks Stakes Gr1
- Moneta (Lak) 8 (2-3-2-1)
- Mamluk  (Aswan) - sire of VADEER $77,000 prize money, black type and black type producer, endurance winner producer
- Musson (Salon)
- MEDUZA  (Salon) 7 (2-2-1-1) - Gold champion and best young horse All-Soviet Union Exhibition
- Magma (Mak) - broodmare at Khrenovoe Stud
- MAKOVKA  (Aswan) 20 (2-8-2-3) winner: Gr3, 2nd: Oaks Stakes Gr1, Hurdle Race Gr1,
- Mantuia  (Topol)
- Murmansk  (Muscat) - sire of Bezmen, Dosator, Desnika
- Matrica  (Topol) 10 (3-2-2-1) - dam of: Monitor (Nimroz) Junior and Senior World Champion, European Champion, Mat (Armaniak), sire of Kamerton
- MARTINIKA  (Aswan) - see above
- MUROM  (Moment) 29 (7-6-6-4) winner: Buryonny Stakes St Léger Gr1, Great Summer Stakes Gr2, 2nd: Great Cup Kalinin Stakes Gr1, Hurdle Listed Race Gr1, Naseem Stakes Gr1, 3rd: Pyatigorst Derby Gr1, Elita Stakes Gr2
- AMPLITUDA  (Pesniar) 10 (4-1-0-3) 2x winner Gr3, dam of: Amperor des Cèdres 4 victoires
- Matrioskha (Antey) exp. USA then Europe. Dam of Mirkana, AF Syurpriz grandsire.
- Bint Monogramma (Salon) USA
- Monograf (Salon) USA
- Monogramm  (Negatraz) US National Champion, legendary sire of: 2007 & 2009 World Champion Mare & 2002 US National Champion Senior Mare Kwestura, 2000 World Champion Stallion Ekstern, 2000 World Champion Mare & 2003 US National Champion Senior Mare Zagrobla, 2000 World Champion Filly Emmona, 2001 World Reserve Champion Mare Fallada,2003 World Reserve Champion Mare Palmira, 1994 US National Champion Futurity Colt & 1996 US National Reserve Champion Stallion Consensus++/, 2007 US National Reserve Champion Senior Mare Elandra, 2003 US National Reserve Champion Senior Stallion *Gange
- Monopolii (Negatraz) USA
- Mononov (Negatraz) USA - successful on the racetrack in Italy and Z2 dressage in Holland.
- Monogracja (Negatraz) USA

Germiona Tersk is a breathtaking mare: charismatic, so feminine and refined, elegant and so sweet!

She was born in 2015 at the famous Tersk Stud, Stavropol, Russia, and imported in Europe in October 2021 with her filly Glasnost Tersk at foot, pregnant by Angleter (Namaz x Assol - Armaniak), by Faber Arabians.

Germiona Tersk is the so precious last daughter of the famous MADEYRA by the great DRUG, black type and black type producer. It was very important to me to add this successful and so strong damline to my breeding program, as, to me, athletic abilities and beauty must be both present in the Arabian Horse I breed!

Germiona Tersk was raced 4 times and shown: Gold champion, best in show and best of breed, senior mares. Gold champion and best in show, junior mares.


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2000 - Garmiona Tersk (Follastello PY)

2021 - Glasnost Tersk  (Sandor)

2022 - Melarosa F (Angleter)

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2023 - Malia F (AF Syurpriz)