Breeding terms for the breedings of the stallion PRIZE TERSK for 2022 


PRIZE TERSK is tested CA and SCID clear and is available by frozen semen through Europe, UK, USA and Canada. 


The breeding fee for 2022 is : 


10 % discount on the breeding fee for early booking before the 31st of December 


1200 € exclusive VAT 10 %  (1320 € inclusive VAT) for Purebred Arabian mares < 


On-site direct insemination possible on request! 



Intracommunity invoice without VAT for the European VAT subjected clients, outside Belgium. 


Additional fees for the shipping of the fresh cooled semen and fresh semen for on-site insemination 


------- € inclusive VAT - Fresh semen collection (also for on-site insemination) and packaging including the shipping box, per shipping.
Depending on the destination - Shipping costs: depending of destination: to be specified 

------ € inclusive VAT - Health/Trace Certificate by approved state veterinarian, per shipping.  


The breedings are sold with a 48h live foal guarantee, all the details are on the breeding contract. 


Faber Arabians reserves the right to refuse to sell a breeding.  


Please, feel free to ask for all the information and for the breeding contract, I'll be delighted to answer you. 

* The breedings of Prize Tersk by fresh shipped semen and by on-site insemination, available throughout Europe. USA/Canada and European certified frozen semen available * 


Unique pedigree, unique horse, for an unique foal!