I also habe developped a relationships network with other straight russian lovers, owners and breeders, what is essential to work efficiently, to share our experience, to breed successfully our horses and to collaborate in our common goal. I also have the chance that many clients become friends and we maintain friendly relations! Several stud farms own Faber Arabians bred horses and use them successfully! 

My mares and stallions were chosen for their typical and functional morphologies and legs, their type, their mind, their sportive or show abilities and  palmares as much as for their exceptional pedigrees exclusively made up of Tersk stud used genitors or bred by Tersk and their offspring, until 1990, without any other addition. All the Faber Arabians bred horses can be called "straight russian arabian horses". 



Drug, winning the European Cup at Evry 

Persik, one of the endurance best sire of the world 


The Straight Russian Arabian Horse 

The choice of my heart, the dedication of my life 

I invite you to discover my breeding program through this website and to share my passion ... 



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Versatility, quality, authenticity, 


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Bérengère Fayt 

I decided to begin this plan in adding it with a proactiv approach in order to promote the circulation of the informations concerning this fantastic horse and to promote these exceptional bloodlines, through the horses I breed, among others. This awareness action is really important for me. I wish to be a part of the preservation work undertakes by the Straight Russian breeders around the world. 

Born out of my unreserved passion for the Arabian horse, Faber Arabians breeding program has foremost a well defined objective : the preservation and the development of Russian bloodlines within the exceptional breed which is the Arabian Horse. The Tersk Stud, located in the northern Caucasus, is the place of origin of these bloodlines. 

Building our own breeding program is not that easy. It has to express the preferences and the personnality of the breeder and to meet the requirements of the clients as well. From the early beginning, I have been totally dedicated to breed and raise sound, pleasant and performing partners, complete horses, versatile, typical of the Arab breed, kind and smart.