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Learn more about the great PANAMA OF TERSK throught these articles

=> 02 January, 2022
*Panama of Tersk

I received an email blast recently for the popular stallion, Fa El Rasheem (Fa El Shawan x Virtuosa MLR), bred by Marlene Rieder and now owned by the Dubai Stud. Out of curiosity, I studied the horse's pedigree, searching for Egyptian blood, which he does have, almost 25%, primarily via Shaker El Masri and Ruminaja Ali, however he also carries a fair amount of old Egyptian blood through horses like Hallany Mistanny, *Fadl and *Maaroufa. As I went further back in the generations, I came across a name that I haven't thought of, in a long while: *Panama, a 1964 bay mare, bred by the  Tersk Stud. How I loved this mare! Back in those bygone days, within the pages of Arabian Horse World magazine, her photos made a powerful impression upon me. She was unforgettable. Through *Panama, I learned to appreciate mares who are substantially-conformed, with the proper skeletal and muscular structure to deliver an electrifying brilliance in all their movements. *Panama was purchased, in Holland, by Robert and Donna Stratmore in 1978, who brought her to America and registered her as *Panama of Tersk. Perhaps, that is the name you may know her by?

*Panama of Tersk was a daughter of the stallion Arax (Amurath Sahib x Angara) and out of the mare, Platina (Priboj x Taktika). In tail female line, she traces to the grey 1879 mare, Sobha (Wazir x Selma), who, although bred by Mahmud Bey-Gezireh of Egypt, descends from Abbas Pasha Stock. The Blunts purchased her in 1891 and brought her to Crabbet for a few years before selling her to Count Stroganov, for use in the Russian Stud at Derkoul. In sire line, *Panama of Tersk traces to the stallion Bairactar, a Bedouin-bred Saqlawi stallion imported to Weil Stud in 1817. Bairactar remains one of the oldest and still active sire lines in the world. Even after 200 years, the reverence that most enthusiasts have for this stallion is profound!
*Panama of Tersk, as stated previously, was a strong-bodied mare, not only through her well-muscled body mass but also in the strength and power of her movement. She was correct, a generously proportioned mare, with a strong and wide back, like a conduit of energy that balanced the tremendous amount of power in her hind end with the freedom, elasticity and fluidity of her front end. Her progeny were successful horses under saddle, no matter the discipline. I always wondered what she may have accomplished in performance, had she been given a similar opportunity but then again, a performance career would have been a sacrifice to her production record, as she produced some very special horses. As a broodmare, she was prolific, with a number of world class daughters to her credit, for example, the Salon daughter, Palitra, who when bred back to her sire, produced the incredible stallion, Ponomarev.

However, for this blog, I wanted to highlight her 1979 daughter, Promises, sired by *Ansata Ibn Halima. Years and years before the beautiful Pilarosa was even a thought in her breeders mind, *Panama of Tersk, encouraged breeders to incorporate Egyptian blood in their programs, in the same way that Tersk included Aswan and Nil in their breeding program. Bred back within Russian bloodlines to the stallion, Patronne (Patron x Nefisa), Promises foaled a daughter in 1986, named Preferred Time.

Preferred Time (Pattrone x Promises)

What's interesting about the cross with Pattrone is that it introduces another Egyptian line into the pedigree, that of Aswan (Nazeer x Yosreia) and the impact of that bloodline is that Preferred Time carries almost 40% Egyptian blood. Interestingly, she was bred a number of times to the stallion, Furno Khamal (Kapello x Kemla), a German-bred horse who carries 62.5% Egyptian blood, through multiple lines to Aswan, a line to Hadban Enzahi and to the German El Hilal. Preferred Time's daughter by Furno Khamal, Selket Mirror, who incidentally carries a higher percentage of Egyptian blood than her dam does, was bred to the stallion, ZT Shakfantasy, resulting in the important broodmare, Foxbriar Shakita, the dam of Fa El Shawan, who sired Fa El Rasheem. Foxbriar Shakita carries almost 40% Egyptian blood, after adding the influence of Shaker El Masri.

In the sources that I have available to me, I also noticed that Promises (*Ansata Ibn Halima x *Panama of Tersk) also produced a 1984 mare by Salon who was named Promising  and the mare, Ptsarina in 1989 by *Padron.  While the breeding pattern within this family of horses has been to reintroduce Egyptian blood within each successive generation; neither mare was bred back to Egyptian lines, instead, their breeders chose stallions whose pedigrees were concentrated within Russian and Polish lines.  The family remains extant in the present day, as both daughters have produced offspring, insuring that the complete influence of these particular horses stretches farther into the future, to be appreciated and utilized in a variety of ways by tomorrow's breeder.

=> Article by Jim Robbins for We Love Arabian Horses, on a cold March-ish day in the middle of June, thank you Pacific Northwest.

Poland gave us *Dornaba++, Spain gave us *Estopa, Crabbet Park gave us *Silwara and the EAO gave us *Bint Maisa El Saghira++. All dynasty mares in the show and breeding world.
Tersk’s contribution to the world stage was their namesake, *Panama of Tersk (Arax x Platina by Priboj), in a classic Johnny Johnston photo from her 21st year in 1985. Another true dynasty mare, not as much in the show world herself but definitely through her descendants worldwide.
Foaled at Tersk in 1964, Panama as she was known then, was sired by the noted stallion Arax (Amurath Sahib x Angara by Wielki Szlem) and out of Platina, the oldest full sibling of *Pieutoszok, Topol and the great broodmares Ptashka and Potencja. The “P” family, as I refered to them, were all by Priboj (Piolun x Rissalma by Shareer) and out of Taktika ( Taki Pan x Krona by Kann), tracing in direct tail female to the hugely influential Star Of The Hills (Raswan x Selma by Astraled). Heavily Crabbet Park bred, with the rest being mainly old Polish and early French breeding. Panama had 3 foals in Russia, with the only one breeding on being her lovely *Salon (Negatiw x Sonata by Skrzyp) daughter, *Palitra, but more about her later.
In 1972, Panama left Tersk and was sold to J. Knaap of The Netherlands, where she would have her next 5 foals, including three lovely daughters by*Muslin (Salon x Magnolia by Arax). Two of these daughters were both grey and of extreme beauty and quality. The youngest, *Camillaa, would be sold to Howie Kale at Karho and the next older one, *Bandola, would go to Bob Stratmore in California. While shopping for mares in 1978, Howie Kale and Bob Stratmore both wanted Panama, with Stratmore eventually being the winner and importing her. With the name Panama already having been used, *Panama of Tersk came into being as she headed to her new home in Walnut Creek. *Panama of Tersk would have her last ten foals in the US, including the Kniazj daughter *Pannetra who she was carrying, when she was imported. She was a proven nik with Stratmore stallion *Salon and worked just as well with Stratmore’s legendary *Padron (Patron x *Odessa by Bright Wings) and even worked in a lovely daughter, Promises by *Ansata Ibn Halima bedore being sold to Michael Brooks Carroll for her last two foals by *Muscat and his son, RD Ariel (x *Nariadnaia by Aswan).
Now, the fun part, where the *Panama of Tersk legacy begins.
*Palitra (*Salon x *Panama of Tersk), was imported by Stratmore and her in-bred *Salon son, Ponomarev, sired several foal crops in the US and was purchased by Nagib and Adelia Audi for their Fazenda Santa Gertrudes in Brazil as a 7 year old. In the US, Ponomarev sired World Champion Mare Julia Bea ( x *Nairobi by Aswan) and Brazilian National Champion Mare Aluia (x OKW Allelua by *Aladdinn). In Brazil, he sired numerous Champions for the Audi family and many other breeders, with his most notable colt being *Khadraj NA (x Khatreena by *Padron), a US and Canadian Top Ten Stallion, multiple Nationals winner in Western Pleasure as well as being one of the, if not the most successful sires of Western Pleasure horses over the past 25 years.
Penelope DSA (*Padron x *Panama of Tersk) died relatively young, but was one of the most beautiful and correct halter mares of the early early 80’s. Her best known granddaughter is Alotta Pizazz IMW+++// (Kouvay Bey x the Penelope DSA daughter, Pizazz DSA) with nine US and Canadian Nationals wins in Hunter Pleasure classes. Promises, the *Ansata Ibn Halima daughter of *Panama, bred on in the Selket program and was sold to Canada as an older mare. Howie Kale imported the best of the *Muslin daughters out of *Panama, *Camilla, in foal to Antey for the lovely grey *Camaay, who went on to produce the equally lovely HK Camaya (by *Muscat). Now, enter Connie O'Brien into the story, as she leased HK Camaya for the great *Padron daughter, Cassandra SS.
Let me tell you about the Connie O’Brien link to the life of *Panama of Tersk and my conversation with her about this great mare. For starters, I’ve watched Connie for years and years as an excellent horsewoman and judge and always wondered what her story was. We’re all over the age of 18, so we all have a “story” now. Connie worked for Wayne Newton for several years during the glory days. I learned more about the Newton breeding program in half an hour then I had learned from several trips to the farm, thank you! Then we talked about *Panama of Tersk and Connie’s love and appreciation and respect for this great mare spoke volumes. She and her husband John had the mare from her early 20’s until her passing at the age of 37 or 38. Her children loved the mare, anyone who came to the farm loved the mare and she truly was the “Queen” of the farm. She lived and thrived under Connie’s watchful and protective eye and Connie has single handedly (not discounting *Khadraj NA and Larry Jerome) kept the *Panama of Tersk legacy alive and well to this day.
Plamista SS (by *Muscat), a chestnut mare foaled in 1989 was *Panama’s last daughter and is still owned by Connie’s daughter, Meghan. With 8 Regional awards in Hunter Pleasure and 2 US Top Tens in Hunter Pleasure AAOTR, she is everything one could want from a great performance mare. *Panama of Tersk may have saved her best foal for last, her 18th foal being Arius SS +/ (by RD Ariel) who won US and Canadian National Champion Western Pleasure AAOTR, US Reserve National Champion Western Open, several Top Tens, numerous Regional wins and is the sire of a multi Nationals winner in Hunter Pleasure to boot. Cassandra SS, the *Padron daughter out of a *Muscat daughter that tail-females to *Panama of Tersk has produced 2 super stars in the *Panama of Tersk legacy. The first, Adessa SS+// (by PA Gazsi) has a staggering FIFTY FIVE US, Canadian and Youth Nationals wins in everything from Reining to Ranch Horse to English and Western Trail. While her maternal brother, PA Marco, is the first *Marwan Al Shaqab get to win a National Championship in performance. His career total includes 3 Reserve National Championships in Reining, a Reserve National Championship in the Western Pleasure Futurity as well as doing a bang up job at the MSU Arabian breeding program, where Connie stands him at stud, and there are many chapters yet to be written about this cool horse and what he’ll contribute to our breed.
Here’s to *Panama of Tersk, who truly epitomizes the legacy of Tersk mares in the US. Howie Kale for discovering her and realizing her quality. And most importantly, Connie O’Brien and her family for giving *Panama many, many years of living “her best life” at their home.
Jim Robbins for We Love Arabian Horses, on a cold March-ish day in the middle of June, thank you Pacific Northwest.
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