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*Services as expert in Belgium and in Europe. 


I make available my abilities and skills as an International B Judge, ECAHO Sport Judge, a conformation and movement Judge for endurance horses and a more than 25 yrs long experienced breeder. I also offer a 20 years long pedagogical experience as a professional trainer.  


My services  


* expert assessment of horses 

* administrative and official proceedings 

* help and support in English/French 

* information about pedigree, bloodlines, coat colors, etc. 

* counselling for the selection of the best stallion for your mare, the mare to lease for your stallion, etc. 

 * Training and seminars 




*You benefit from my more than 25 years background in breeding and the experience gained from the numerous judgements while assessing the horses. I also help you for the exportation or the importation with the European stud-books. 


* I realize expert assessments for you, for all reason you could need it. 


* I'm also at your disposal for the support of your requests to the stud-books and to help for the english-french exchanges with foreign breeders. 


* Don't hesitate to contact me for any further information regarding the pedigree or bloodlines of your horse or for more details about the coat color and the genetic of the coat color transmission, for example to establish statistics of the coat color of your unborn foal. 


* I can also advice you which is the ideal sire for your mare or the ideal mare to lease for your stallion, based on your requirements and the features you like to have for your future foal. 


* I create and provide any training unit or program about the horse in general and the Arabian horse. General bases, specific knowledge, judgement, breeding management, breeding analysis ... supported by a 20 years long pedagogical experience as a professional trainer.  


Contact me for any further information and to ask the price list for all the services. 

I will be delighted to inform you about all the possibilities offered by Faber Arabians! 



Because your dream must become reality !