Vyrubka - Balaton x Vendetta (Naftalin)

The sweet Vyrubka "Vyru" brings to Faber Arabians her refined beauty and a dream pedigree: the blend of two of the very best Tersk Stud producers: Balaton and Naftalin. Beauty and performance, charisma and stamina ... What could be better to dream for, when you have bred the unique bloodlines for 30 years for the purpose of versatility, refinement and athletic potential. Let's go back to the roots of success, to the Tersk golden years!

Vyrubka traces to the Elsissa's family. Elsissa (1870) was a Hadbah Enzahiyah, she was imported in 1874 from the desert by Prince Eustachy Sanguszko the Younger for Gumniska Stud - Poland, owned by his family. In 1939, Plotka, her descendant, born in Janow Podlaski (PL), was brought to Tersk Stud, where she left her precious mark.


Vyrubka - Balaton x Vendetta (Naftalin)


Jumah 2006 - by Psytadel
Colt foal champion, 4th - Stallions 4 to 6yrs old.

MA Marquess 2008 - by Kais
Sold to Belgium

Kairo M.A. - 2014 - by Kais
Died 2015

Palmyra MA - 2016 - by Kais
Sold to Austria

V ... F - 2023 - by Nadal - due to the 22nd of February