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Coat color: e,e A,A 

AF Syurpriz aka PRIZ - AF Umoyo x Sultazsa (MM Sultan) 

1m53 - 2018 

For several years, I was looking for a high quality colt or stallion as a successor of our wonderful Tibet.. A true genitor who passes type and morphological, functional, mental qualities, as well as charisma, as Tibet does. Anybody knows that they are many breeding stallions but not that much are true genitors. Then, how risky is the bet to buy a yearling colt! 


Let me tell you our story:  April 2019. Priz was almost one year old when I met him at my friend Abigail Lightert's stud farm, Arabian Future, in the Nederlands. When I saw him for the first time: it was love at first sight, but a sensible love, of course! Several hours later, A.F. Syurpriz, whose nickname is Priz, was mine, emboying the project that he perfectly ensures the succession of the famous Tibet. Their bloodlines fulfill each other very well as their charasteristics do too. His first crop already prooves that I was right, about the cross with the Tibet daughters! 


Priz is a gorgeous young Straight Russian colt showing a very harmonious and typical sound conformation, with an exquisite type and a strong charisma.  





The amazing pedigree of Priz, full of famous Straight Russian names and many show and race champions, allows me to introduce the blood of worldknown famous stallion Vatican, an exceptional sire both for his own valuable sportive qualities and his genetic transmission power. 

Three times Vatican in the Priz’s pedigree !!! 


Priz comes from the damline of Selma 1865, an Hamdaniyah Simriyah bred by Abbas Pascha, Egypt and from the Bairactar OA 1813, a desertbred Saglawi Jedran, sireline. 


Priz is a son of the well-known AF Umoyo, 1m56, a superb liver chestnut sire bred and owned by Arabian Future, The Nederlands, Dutch national res champion, higher points of young males and golden medal in Ströhen (DE). AF Umoyo is a son of the famous Nadir I DRE****, 1m58, German and French national champion, European and All Nations Cup champion, whose genetic quality is not to proove anymore. He is the sire of numerous show champions and endurance winners and performers as well as breeding stock. 

Nadir I is a son of the great Neman DRE****, Elite sire, 18 (2-4-3-3) 2x winner Gr4, winner Named race, 2nd Open race, 4x placed Gr3. Raced for two years in Russia, he was sold to Sweden, then one year later to Germany, where he became a legendary sire, imprinting the worldwide breeding as only a few did. He produced very typey offspring, with big eyes and wonderful neck, between others: 
- Neral (1984) DRE ***, 1987 2nd European championship, 1991 French Nat. Champion de France, several times Intern. Champion and class winner
- Neschnij (1984), owned by RFI Arabians, Brazil and great producer. All Nations Cup Class winner, Top ten Scottsdale, winner in Brazil, he covered well-known mares for famous studs such as Aries Arabians, Karho and Sandspurt. 
- Narew (1985), European champion, Austrian Res. Nat. champion
- Neposnij (1985), sold to UK
- Negresco (1986), Junior multichampion, European champion.
- Nadir I (1987) Elite, DRE ****, reserve World champion, junior champion at the All Nations Cup and junior European champion. Sire of numerous excellent offspring, both in show and performance. 
- Nagadir (1991) first leased by Barbara en Hans Trummer van Breitenau Arabian Stud and then, chief sire at Gut Alemich Stud, Silvia Garde-Ehlert, Germany
- Papillon (1993) here above.
- Nostalgia, great-granddam of Tibet
- Nascha (1981), European champion 

Neman was also known for this special metallic sheen of his coat, specific of the Russian bloodlines, that he passed to his offspring. AF Syurpriz, my gorgeous stallion, who is a grand-son of Nadir I, inhereted this superb sheen and will go on the legacy!  


Nadir I is out of the wonderful Neschi by Kilimandscharo DRE****, also an Elite sire, a son of Karta, 2/16 (4-4-1-3), one of the four queens of Tersk, and the sire of many excellents horses as, between many others, Kalypso DRE**** for example. Neman is a son of Nabeg 2/9 (2-1-3-0-3), one of the best sire of sires within the Russian bloodlines: his sons Menes; Neman; Nadejni; *Nariadni; Ptersk; Princip; Prononce; Peleng; Tallin are worldknown.  


The dam of AF Umoyo is Mirkana, a daugther of the famous Mirok Monpelou, Elite sire, National and European champion, Interntional champion in the usa. Mirok Monpelou is the sire of many show champions as well as endurance, western riding, dressage and race. The true versatility of the Arabian horse ! Mirok Monpelou is a son of the great Vatican 4/31 (9-6-9), winner of 6 classic stakes races, , The Budjonny Prize, Comparison, Closings prize, Entrance Prize, Prize of State Agroindustrial, and Dutch reserve national champion. Vatican is the sire of wonderful racehorses as well as show horses as Mirkova, European champion, Pasch Vacan, international multi champion, Vladimir de Falgas, World championship elite and multi international champion, Aiova, fantastic race mare and dam of many racewinners, 2013 Waho trophy winner … Kumir 2/19 (3-4-3), the sire of Vatican, is also a great producer : Pakistan (out of Panagia), Pesennik (out of Pesnia), Nikel (out of Nutria), Takema, the great Mukomol 1/9 (2-1-4), sire of Namaz, the sire of my mare Monserrat, Deimos and Prikaz 5/45 (10 - 9 - 8 - 4). ). Nevesta, the dam of Vatican, herself national champion, is also the dam of talented race horses as Naum (Mukomol), Grand (Mukomol) and Desna (Kumir). Matrioskha, the dam of Mirkana, is a valuable broodmare, daughter of the handsome Antey 1/11 (3-3-3), exceptional stallion died far too soon, Dutch national champion, full sibling of excellent Numizmat. Antey is also known as the sire of the Abakan dam, Amunitia. The dam of Matrioskha is nobody but Monogramma 2/14 (4-3-3), USA reserve national champion and dam of the worldknown Monogramm and also of Murmansk, between others.  


Priz dam is the excellent Sultasza, junior females reserve champion, international junior female champion and 1st place Dutch national championship, Elite mare, currently owned by Kallisté Arabians, France. Sultasza is a very typy mare, well-built with a movement to die for. She is a daughter of the very good MM Sultan, 1m58, Elite sire, triple national champion in Holland, ECAHO Star horse. MM Sultan is a great sire and is currently owned by Davidson Arabians, Denmark. He is a son of the famous Kubay Khan, also Elite sire, ECAHO star horse and sire of, between many other ones, the very good Nakubaya Kossack, international show winner. The sire of Kubay Khan is the worldknown Kubinec DRE**, World, European and All Nations Cup champion, also sire of Tibet. MM Sultan dam is the valuable broodmare Alaska QQ, Elite mare and top producer by the great Vatican out of a rare Neapol sireline. She is the dam of several good show horses in Holland as Alkan and MM Cairo. 

The dam of Sultasza is the very good Elite and first premium mare Mirtasza, by the superb Mir Khan, several times national champion and 1st place in International, 2nd during the All Nations Cup, high scoring horse Wels, himself by Mirok Monpelou, by Vatican. Mirtasza produced high quality offspring at Arabian Future and was several times shown : 2x gold champion, 1x bronze champion. 

The dam of Mirtasza is the Elite and first premium mare Palotasza QQ, dam of several national and international champions as AF Esquire and AF Escada, between others. 

Palotasza QQ is by the very good Kosmonaut, senior champion in show, race horse performer who was used as an improver by the Trakehner stud-book. Kosmonaut is the full sibling of the Holland national champion Karnaval, sire, between many other ones, of Valujevka, one of the best race mare in Russia, winner of the 2011 WAHO Trophy and dam of 14 excellent racehorses, used with great success in breeding too. The dam of Kosmonaut is the legendary Karinka 2/21 (8-8-2-1-2),, the dam of Drug, Dre***, 5/35 (13-9-4), European show champion and winner of three prestigious stake races : the Russian Derby, the Coupe d’Europe in Evry and the Al Nayan International at Kempton Park in England. Drug is the sire of our former broodmare Pokupka, of the endurance horse producer Karesi DRE*** and of numerous wonderful race and show horses. The dam of Palotasza QQ is Pozjarka by the horse of the century Balaton 2/10 (0-3-4), Dutch national champion and European reserve champion out of Pechenga, a very good daughter of Naslednik 1/7 (3-0-0), the best son of Nil out of Nitochka by Naseem, full sibling of Negativ, the sire of Salon. Pechenga is also the dam of Pedruga, CEI*** winner in the Middle East and of Palatonja, a 1st premium mare. 


The very best of the bloodlines of Tersk stud condensed in a tremendous pedigree! 

AF Umoyo

Nadir I

Mirok Monpelou


MM Sultan

Mir Khan

Strong points 


Priz shows a lot of type with a very expressive head, a wide forehead, a noticeable dish, beautiful round eyes, a tiny tea cup muzzle, an amazing neck, naturally arched with a awesome mitbah, a smooth, strong and well-coupled back/loin/croup set, a powerful hind quarter with a long horizontal croup, a well-oriented long pelvis, sound, straight and strong bony limbs and movements to die for, very showy when needed, powerful and naturally balanced. A truly superior conformation!  


I chose Priz to complement the qualities brought by Tibet, through the next generation of Faber Arabians bred horses, in the prospect of my project of improvement and preservation of the Russian bloodlines. I can say that he exceeds my expectations when I see his first offspring, both in terms of Arabian type, conformation, movement and temperament. Priz really seems to pass on a lot of qualities and is proving to be a strong asset as a sire. 


Mentally, Priz is such a sweet boy, pleasant to handle, quite quiet into the herd. He adapts easily, he is curious, smart, confident and he loves humans. 



The famous Vatican, who is three times present in the Priz's pedigree and whose I deeply value the blood inflow!

Amazingly typey, charismic, with impeccable conformation and limbs, with an adorable, intelligent and confident temperament and impressive movements: Priz products are truly top quality: typically Arabian without losing the solidity and correctness fundamental to functionality.