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Bérengère FAYT
Les Calmettes
46300 Soucirac

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* Uterus renting /leasing 



Are you dreaming of breeding a nice and quality foal by a stallion you like? 

You have won a breeding and you don't have any mare for using it? 


You will benefit from our marvelous russian genetic, which is the basis of an important part of the actual show champions, as well as the high breeding qualities of my mares, selected on very rigorous requirements in this goal.  

In addition, you also benefit from my more than 25 years background in breeding and foal's handling. Check our guarantees! 





Amaïa F 


Monserrat SU 

Padiraah F 

Our sweet Monserrat nursing Azzlan F and Magnificat F 

*  Embryo transfer 



All my high quality broodmares are possibly available for embryo transfer as donor mare. An easy and exciting project surrounded by the best professionals! The security of the long term experience in breeding and the best partners in embryo transfer for your project!


Click on the name of your favourite mare here below for more explainations on their qualities and their valuables straight Russian bloodlines! Can also be bred to one of our great sires: click here 


AF Fine Panilla - Papillon x Fine Addition (Muscat)

Amaïa F - Tibet x Gazzella (Abakan)

Gazzella - Abakan x Hanouf (Vulkan)

Monserrat - Namaz x Miniatura (Negasimyi)

Padiraah F - Tibet x Pokupka (Drug)

Palatina F - Tibet x Palnisia (Karnaval)

Samska - Sambist x GAS Skala (Ventican)

Vyrubka - Balaton x Vendetta (Naftalin)


Palatina F