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Demonstracia - Mat x Dispozitsiya (Pogremok)

Demonstracia - aka "Demons" - is an original Tersk Stud bred treasure. Carrying famous genuine bloodlines, she also impresses by her soundness and her amazing tissues. I am very happy to have been entrusted with her and I hope that this old lady will bring some quality foals to my straight Russian bloodlines preservation program!


Demonstracia is a daughter of the great Mat, a bay sire born in Tersk stud in 1989 and at stud from 1995 to 2002. First on the racetrack, 11 (2-2-1-1), then he started breeding and was successful.

Between his offspring, the following ones are noticeable:

- MICHMAN (Magdalina) 12: 1-2-1-3 Total prize: 74 125RUB
- BEKMANIA  (Boginia) 7: 2-0-0-3 winner Karinka Stakes Gr3
- VIGVAM (Viuga) 4: 2-0-1-1
- PURMEREND  (Pritcha) 20: 2-0-1-8 winner An-Ser Ltd Prize
- KAMERUN  (Kasta) 6: 1-1-2-0 winner Opening Race season Stakes (Otkrytia) GR III C RUS, 2nd Great Summer Stakes - 2000 Guineas GR II B RUS, 3rd Aswan Stakes GR III A RUS
- Kamerton  (Kaluga) *Elite sire in Germany
- Vilgelm (Vselennaia) Top ten CEI 3*
- Bergamot (Boginia) 17: 4-0-2-0 Total prize: 40 880RUB winner handicap 1500m, 3rd Naseem Stakes GR I C RUS, 3rd Beresta Stakes
- TERMIN (Troya) 18: 6-5-3-1 Total prize: 32 020RUB  winner Naseem Stakes GR I C RUS winner Budyonny Stakes - St. Leger GR I B RUS ; 2x 2nd  Elita Stakes GR II B RUS 1 winner  Introductory Stakes (Vstupitelniy) GR III C RUS ; 2nd Comparison Stakes (Sravnenia) GR II A ; 2nd Autumn Stakes (Osenniy) GR II C RUS ; 3rd Great Cup (Bolshoy) ex Kalinin Stakes GR I C RUS ; …
- Vifleem  (Vselennaia) 10: 1-3-4-0 3rd Sprint Stakes (Sprintersky) GR II C RUS ; 3rd Tersk Stud Stakes GR III C RUS
- Turmalin  (Tronka) numerous wins in dressage
- Nominal (Nema) show: Junior Gold Champion
- TRIUMF (Traviata) 9: 6-3-0-0 Total prize: 23 290RUB winner Summer Stakes GR II C RUS, winner  Prize derby winner Karat, winner Great Cup (Bolshoy) ex Kalinin Stakes GR I C RUS, winner Sprint Stakes (Sprintersky) GR II C RUS, winner  Naseem Stakes GR I C RUS ; 2nd  Autumn Stakes (Osenniy) GR II C RUS, 2nd Tersk Stud Stakes GR III C RUS
- Bermamyt (Boginia) 8: 1-2-2-1 Total prize: 8 750RUB 3rd Naseem Stakes GR I C RUS ; 3rd Comparison Stakes (Sravnenia) GR II A RUS

Mat is a son of Armaniak, leased from Poland in 1988, son of the excellent Banat and sibling of the Russian Derby winner Nard.  The dam of Mat is the fantastic Matrica 10: 3-2-2-1, by Topol, who is the sire of a dynasty of winners in Tersk, on the racetrack and in show, and exceptional broodmares, out of Monogramma -USA res Champion and dam of the world known Monogramm. Matrica is also the dam of the world champion Monitor (Nimroz) and of the beautiful Dilemna (Aswan), dam of National champion Debora (Balaton)


Demonstracia comes from the very good damline of Plotka PL, brought to Tersk stud from the famous stud Janow Podlaski, Poland, in 1939. She represents a rare and precious damline at Faber Arabians, which is also the Vyrubka's one.   

1st dam : Dispozitsiya (Pogremok)
Daughter of the excellent Pogremok, son of MOMENT x PANTERA (Aswan). Pantera 29: 2-4-4-3, an Elite mare, is the winner of the RSFSR Stakes GR I A RUS, 3rd in the Budyonny Stakes - St. Leger GR I B RUS, several times placed in GR 2 and 3 races, what makes her a black type mare, and has a legendary pedigree : she is a direct daughter of the fantastic Ptashka (Priboj x Taktika). PANTERA is also the dame of BARMEN (MOMENT) 27: 7-2-5-5, winner RSFSR Stakes GR I A RUS, 3rd Elita Stakes GR II B RUS and several times winner and placed GR2 and 3.
Dispozitsiya sadly died at 7 yrs old, leaving only two full siblings in Tersk.
Pogremok 25: 3-5-7-5 is also the sire of the handsome Kupol (Kossack Stud), of Nonparel (out of Nitra) top 3 international show, between others.

- Demokratia (Mat)
   Dam of Bugatti (Prince) - endurance, winner CEI* - Championship of Russia -   2nd CEI**120 km Championship of Russia - Top ten Russian Cup CEN*
- Demonstracia (Mat)
   Dam of :
  - Imani (Maskarad)
  - Dashenka (Nikel)
  - Delinka (Durances Saphir)
  - Desmos F (Pan Dor)

2nd dam : Desna (Kumir), full sibling of the famous Vatican (6 x winner classic races GR1, sire of numerous winners on the racetrack and in show) and national show champion.

- Dublon (Balaton)
- Displey (Pogremok)
- Diplom (Pogremok)
- Dispozitsiya  (Pogremok) broodmare at Tersk Stud
- Diagonal (Gusar) 9: 2-3-1-1 Total prize: 285 114RUB

3rd dam : Nevesta (Aswan) National res champion, 10: 1-2-2-2, excellent broodmare at Tersk Stud, exported in Europe.

- NEZEMNIA (Moment) 5: 2-1-1-1 winner Gr3, Gr4 et 3rd Gr3
- ANATOMIA  (Moment) 18: 3-8-1-4 winner open race Gr3, numerous time placed Gr3, National show res champion, dam of successful show horses (e.a. Alicia Kossack - National Gold champion) and on the racetrack.
- BUHARA  (Moment) 9: 2-3-1-1 winner Gr3
- VATICAN  (Kumir)  32: 9-5-10-2  winner 6 classic races Gr1 The Budjonny Prize, Comparison, Closings prize, Entrance Prize, Prize of State Agroindustrial, National show res champion and sire of numerous winners on the racetrack and in show.
- Grand  (Mukomol) National show Gold champion, Silver champion international show and All Nations Cup, Top ten World championship.
- Desna  (Kumir)
- Narmat  (Mukomol) 3: 0-2-1-0 very good sire, between others of the exceptional Gangut: raced as a 2 and 3 yrs old.   1st Autumn Stakes 2 yrs old colts Gr 2, 1st Summer Stakes Gr. 2, 1st Imenoi Stakes, 3rd St. Leger Gr 1, 3rd Great Prize 2 yrs old Gr 1
- NAUM (Mukomol)  10: 4-3-3-0 ; incl. 1st The Great Pyatigorsk Stakes (RUS Derby-2400m-2.48,5); 2nd S.M Budenny (RUS St. Leger-2600m-3.42); 3rd Summer Prize Stakes for 2 yrs old. (1200m-1.25,9) ; sold to Watbah Stud UAE.
- Narva  (Armaniak) 11: 1-2-2-3 - 2nd Gr3 - 1st veteran mares.
- Neotrazimyi (Mukomol) 8: 0-2-1-3 placed Open race
- Nasmeshka (Mukomol)