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Why to choose a straight Russian Arabian Horse bred by Faber Arabians?

Who am I?

Bérengère Fayt
Straight Russian Arabian Horses breeder since 1994
Horses breeder since 1985
Arabian Horse/global horse knowledge and communication trainer (Europe and M-E)
All breeds national judge
ECAHO International B judge for the Arab breed
National judges official instructor
Professional trainer

More about me

How do I insure the quality of the Faber Arabians horses?

* The quality is first guaranteed by a continuous global targeting on soundness, versatility, athleticism, temperament and beauty for any breeding horse entering the Faber Arabians breeding stock.
* Then an in-depth experience and a sound knowledge in the animal husbandry field and the needs of a horse.
* And finally, an attentive analysis of the ancestors of each horse (straight Russian bloodlines), of their impacts on their offspring and the specific features they pass.

All these points are proceeded through a strict selection based on:
- the conformation: well-built horses with no serious fault, highly functional horses with excellent biomechanics, straight limbs and stunning movement.
- the standard of the breed: typical refined head, big round eyes, arched high-set neck, sloping shoulder, depth of chest, short back, well-coupled loin/croup, long pelvis, high-set tail, sound and straight limbs, strong proportionate hooves, …
- the temperament: sane, sweet natured, easy-going horses of good will, smart and curious, close to humans, concentrated on their learning and caring for their partnership with their owner/rider/handler/buddy and the other horses. Gentle, peaceful and trusting broodmares that teach their foals that man is a caring partner.
- the very best straight Russian pedigrees: a careful study and use of the famous Tersk stud and Tervete stud sire and damlines and their specific features, crossed for the perpetuation of their qualities and their improvement, with a particular attention drawn to a as low as possible level of consanguinity.

Why have I chosen to breed straight Russian Arabian Horses?

The focus on these high quality rare straight Russian bloodlines is based on my will to preserve and to spread these so versatile, so sound and so classically Arab lines, to me, the true Arabian Horse.
These horses gather both beauty and athleticism as they were selected through more than a century both on the racetrack and the type, conformation and gaits assessment in Russia, for their breeding farm: the Tersk stud, located in the Caucasus (Russia), in Mineralnye Vody.

The Arabian Horses are still remaining “above any specialization/diversification for disciplines” and so they are still conserving all the possible variety in their genes pool: stamina, functional traits and standard of the breed’s traits. That means that they remain a very precious asset for reinfusing any breeding program whose discipline selection caused the loss of fundamental breed features, because of this targeted selection. One of my main purposes is to protect and preserve this legacy for providing the breeders with quality breeding horses who are able to bring original Arabian Horse features and soundness.

Known for their excellent structure and legs, their breathtaking movement, their big eyes and their charisma, they also are sound bases for any show horses breeding program for reinforcing the correctness, the functionality and the showy attitude as well, as many champions in the show arena have Russian bloodlines bases, between others: El Nabila (Kubinec, world champion, Nations Cup champion and European champion), Balaton (Menes), European champion himself, horse of the century and sire of many winners ; the world known Padron (Patron) and all his successful offspring, Wojslaw (Tallin (Nabeg) Brazilian Top 10), world champion Warandes Plakat (Plakat) and his winning get ; US National Champion Palitra (Salon) and her offspring in so many breeding programs through the world (EKS Arabians in South Africa, Khadraj NA and Ponomarev (Salon) in the US and horses like the champions and stunning producers Palitrina (Menes) and her daughter Patrina de Parys ; Shiraz de Lafon ; Julia Bea (Ponomarev) ; EKS Mansour, …) ; Palas (Aswan) and his numerous winning offspring from the Polish breeding program ;

Of course, the Russian bloodlines are world known for their performances on the racetrack and as endurance winners and winning offspring. To name a few: Drug (Prizrak), Persik (Kankan), Nobby (Prophecy EF), Sambist (Balaton), Madiar (Drug), Drakon (Prizrak),  … also the damlines are very strong, for example, Mari (out of Madeyra) best mare ever on the racetrack in Russia, Duma (Naftalin, out of Mechta) dam of six winners in Europe and in the M-E, and so many others.

How are the horses raised?

This strict selection would be useless without a proper horse husbandry, built on a vast experience, a endless commitment and a constant learning.

Health first

- All the horses at Faber Arabians are regularly trimmed, dewormed, vaccinated and handled from the earliest age.
- The horses are provided with quality food, formulated according to their needs and their age, vitamins/minerals/amino acids complements, natural meadow hay ad libitum when the grass is not available and quality straw.
- The dams gets supplement and adapted food, without any excess, from the 8th month of pregnancy and until the weaning, insuring a perfect intra-uterine growth and solid, sound bones/tendons/ligaments/muscles and organs.
- The specific soil of the farm helps to develop sound and strong body structures, thanks to the natural minerals and the rocky and hilly terrain.
- All the horses, except is the weather is too bad, live outside in the meadow during the spring/summer/fall and in large paddocks during the winter.

Education and relationships too
- Foals quickly meet other horses and learn to find their right hierarchical position and to behave in a group. Horses live in small herds, according to their group and their needs.
- They learn to change groups, to separate from other horses and to manage themselves alone and in pairs with their human.
- A strong and lasting relationship with humans is built from birth:
* by a daily presence without excessive pressure focused on the well-being within the relationship.
*  through varied experiences and manipulations adapted to the capacities of each young horse, while respecting its own personality
* by a constant learning of equine/human "savoir-vivre" rules and of everything that will contribute to prepare the horse for its future career in the best way.

And of course, all our horses are registered with the French studbook. They all have an international passport and are excluded from the food chain.

All this gives the young horse every chance to become an ideal partner for its human and to enable them to live a happy and fulfilling life together.

What are the advantages for my clients?

- First of all, a professional guarantee that covers their purchase and protects them.
- A versatile, respectful and collaborative horse, for maximum daily pleasure together, without health or behavioural problems, for sport, leisure or breeding.
- A beautiful horse, well-built and pleasant to look at, a true Arabian Horse in the standard of the breed.
- A rare and world-renowned pedigree, for a timeless quality that keeps its value through the years.
- Significant financial savings on vet, farrier and other caretaker costs as the horse is healthy and stays healthy into old age.
- Significant time savings during the learning process, as the horse is open-minded, curious, confident and likes to learn.
- Professional advice throughout the horse's life, a real "after-sales service"; valuable support when the owner is faced with a situation that he cannot resolve alone or for which he would like an informed opinion, for example for breeding, breaking-in, etc.
- Support for administrative procedures: export, health certification, transfer of ownership, etc.