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Piolun - Rissalma 
Owner: Tersk, Russia
154-178-19,5 cm   
Races: 2/8 (6-2-0) D+1 Derby winner, 1. Autumn Prize 1200m-1.18,4; 1600m-1.49,4; 2400m-2.42 

Priboj sired 26 stake winners, 19 stake placed (Staccato has three crosses to Priboj), the sire of black type in Russia and grandsire of National Champions in the United States and Canada.
The most important line of Koheilan Adjuze came through Piolun the Sire of Priboj (the other line came through Opal the sire of Laur who sired the stallion Semen). Foaled in 1934, Piolun was evacuated to Russia during the war. He sired 6 stallions and 21 broodmares who were used by the Tersk Stud, the most important being his son Priboj. In 1958 the four year old Priboj son *Pietuszok, was acquired by Poland from the Tersk Stud. It is through him that the lineage of Priboj was represented in the U.S..*Pietuszok's get, the stallions *Bajram (Canadian Nat.l CH. Stallion, Top Ten Stallion in the U.S.) *Orzel (U.S. Top Ten Stallion, U.S. Nat. CH. English Pleasure),  Polish Derby winner *Wosk and *Gaypolka+++ were influential in American breeding programs. At the Tersk Stud, Priboj was the sire of black type (In racing forms, horses who have won stake races are printed in bold black type, the origin of the term). Many of his get were stake winners or the producers of stake winners and were highly prized by the stud for their athletic prowess. One can assume exceptional conformation in stake horses a factor in their outstanding athletic achievements. Priboj had a very laid back shoulder allowing for great extension a genetic gift to his accomplished Get.

Too many to list them all, but a few:

* Plaksa 2/14(6-4-3-0)2-2 won both the Oaks and the Derby, stake placed twice, dam of stake winner Paniker.

* Taktika 2/14(5-2-4-1) dam of stake winners Topol, Ptashka, record holder Potencia and *Pietuszok (all full brother sister)

* Sopka 2/13(4-1-2-0) dam of stake winner Start 25(14-6-1-0)D+2.

* Ptashka 3/18(4-1-2)1 All Union Exhibition. Full sister to Topol 2/16(9-4-3)D+2 and *Pietuszok.

* Pevunia 20(4-6-3-7)0-2 full sister to Privet 21(6-6-1), Piewica and Pierzga (2nd Dam of *Piechur 12(10-2)D+1).

* Podruga 3/14(5-3-2)Oaks+2-2 setting 3 track records. Dam of Patron 2/23(7-1-6-1)1-3 three times Champion Stallion in Holland
   Patron sired
   - World Champion stallion Abdullahhh
   - Patent (the sire of American Stake Winner Suede)
   - Padron, Nat. Champion Holland, Canada, U.S.

* Pomeranets 1/7(2-0-5) 0-0-1 assumed Priboj's position as chief sire of the Koheilan Adjuze line at the Tersk Stud in 1957 when Priboj died.
Pomeranets was the 1955 and 1960 Champion Stallion at the All Union Exhibition in Moscow (sire of stake Winner and Record Holder Leopard 33(21-2-5-2)6-0-1, record holder Lopushok 21(6-0-4-3-)0-0-1).
Full brother to Malpia (*Muscat and *Moment's dam), Monopolia 14(3-4-2)1-2 (dam of Monogramma a record setter and the dam of Monogram) and Metropolia 13(4-4-2)0-1 second in the Oaks (the Dam of *Menes).

* Platina 2/11(4-3-1) 1st in Oaks, the dam of  Perikola 15(5-3-1-1) by Kankan who in turn was the dam of record holder Prikhot 16(8-5-2) Oaks+dead heat for 1st in the Derby, and Pamir a winner of the M.I. Kalinin, third in both the Summer Prize and the M.I. Kalinin, both by Knippel.
Platina is a full sister to *Pietuszok, Ptashka, Topol and Potencia.

* Platforma 13/4-1-5) 1-0-1 the dam of Pika 2/17(4-5-2-1) 1962
Pika is the Dam of Stake Winners: Pafos who won the Great Summer Prize 4 x, St. Ledger, Elite, and the USSR. Plastun 22(6-3-6-1)1-0-1 and Pirit winner of the M. I. Kalanin, AP, St. Leger, Derby and the Elite Prize.

These are but a few of the outstanding get sired by Priboj. He left an immeasurable legacy to the Tersk Stud.   


PRIBOJ was one of the finest horses that Tersk produced. PRIBOJ showed more essence of Arabian type than did KANN, but he still lacked a classically beautiful head. PRIBOJ had a nice arch of neck and a big, well muscled shoulder. Strong straight front legs are apparent with good quality of bone. PRIBOJ had excellent underpinning for function and although his croup is less than level, there is adequate length. In extracting the pertinent points of transmissible type in PRIBOJ, we would note the excellent shoulder, less than level croup, less than exotic head, but with overall good structure emphasizing strength and utility. PRIBOJ is the type representative for the male line of PIOLUN. PRIBOJ'S sire, Piolun was born in Poland in 1934. Horses of the Piolun line were described as being Koheilan Siglavi type (good height, strong bones and fine breeding characteristics). PIOLUN was a powerful stallion and a very successful racer in Poland. He was evacuated to Russia in 1938 and stood at stud for three years leaving 55 offspring before his death in 1944. PRIBOJ: Less than exotic Head, Arch to Neck, Less than level over croup, good back legs, good front legs, good bone, big, strong well structured shoulder. Racing abilities He was a high class horse with many fine breeding characteristics present. We should note the presence of a strong shoulder. PRIBOJ resembles a thoroughbred style horse. He was a horse with good structure. His head was slightly plain, but dry. Piolun's neck looked to be of reasonable length, but was rather straight. He had a deep shoulder with relatively good slope. A strong, relatively short back was depicted. Nice length of croup was shown. The croup was not as level as is popular today. With muscular conditioning and weight the croup would probably have been more level. He had good straight legs. PRIBOJ was foaled in 1944. He was a most successful stallion at Tersk. During 10 years at stud, Priboj sired 203 progeny. 48 offspring were retained for use at the stud. PRIBOJ'S dam was Rissalma (Shareer x Rissla). Rissalma was one of the group of mares sold by the Crabbet Stud to Tersk in the 1936 Sale. Motion and function of the hind legs were particularly stressed by Lady Wentworth in her breeding program. As a result, many of the horses bred at Crabbet had excellent function behind. But, many needed more functional, freer moving shoulders with longer length of stride in front. The Polish lines added greater freedom and higher flexion of the knees. The cross of the Polish Piolun onto the Crabbet Rissalma produced this marvelous combination of function in front and behind in PRIBOJ. Rissalma was considerably more upright than Piolun. PRIBOJ was smoother behind than his mother. He had more arch to his neck than his sire. PRIBOJ was considerably more dense in bone and muscle structure than his dam . PRIBOJ had a prettier head than both his sire and dam, that reflects a "happy" genetic combination. PRIBOJ demonstrated the structural virtues of his sire, Piolun and much of the class of his dam, that is more correctness than his dam and more type than his father.