Background to a passion 



Since my childhood, my heart is dedicated to horses. Born into a family in which nothing predestined me to the world of the horse, yet I have, since my first words, expressed my attraction for equines. 


Every day, passion throws me a little more, whole, and I live daily, at their side. 


With more than 25 years of Arab horses breeding, I can say that I have acquired a solid experience in the field while taking care to develop my knowledge through numerous readings and studies and by the meeting of competent people, that I thank you for sharing my knowledge. 


It seems important to me to live my passion both physically and intellectually. That's why the Arab horses so fills me: I combine daily contact, exchange and horse work with the study of origins, genetics and all information about it, not to mention happy encounters with other enthusiasts. In addition, I constantly complete my training and I have the joy of being now listed by the ECAHO as a Belgian National Judge, International Judge B and Sports Judge. I am also the instructor of the French National judges for the ACA.  


My goals are first of all to contribute to the preservation and development of the Russian bloodline, which has captured my heart, but also to allow a better knowledge of this wonderful horse and a more favorable circulation of the information concerning it. 


Human being my other passion, it is just as important for me to allow people to meet the horse and get to know him better. The benefits of contact with horses are well established. To do this, the juxtaposition of socio-cultural action and initial objectives appears justified in terms of personal development and lifelong learning. 


I am deeply convinced of the validity of using this versatile horse in most equestrian disciplines. And each meeting of a representative of this line confirms me in my conviction. 


A passion has its full flavor when you share it, and that's why I aspire to exchange with any amateur. 


So, with pleasure to read you, to hear you and to meet you ... 


See you soon, 




Bérengère Fayt