Due to the 31st of March/Terme le 31 mars 

Panash x Gazzella 

Uterine sibling of Azzlan F sold to Belgium, Alias F sold to Belgium, Altaï F sold to France, Amaïa F at stud, Azzar F sold to Belgium 

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2020 straight Russian foals to be born 


Poulains purs russes à naître en 2020 


 Due to the 20th of March/Terme le 20 mars 

Tibet x Monserrat SU 


Uterine sibling of Magnificat F, sold to France, endurance, full sibling of Maravilla F - Sold to Switzerland for dressage and trail, Maïla F, sold to Belgium, endurance, Mirazj F sold to Senegal, breeding stallion, Mazkha F, sold to France, Magistral F, at stud  and uterine sibling of Moran F, sold to Austria, breeding.