*** P ... F 2023 - Pan Dor x Padiraah F - to be born in February 2023 ***


These two awesome individuals are perfectly complementary and will for sure offer a tall, elegant, well-built and easy-going progeny.  Undoubtely, the legacy of the handsome parents, both showcasing big beautiful eyes, clean throatlatch, long arched neck, amazing strong and well-coupled body, sound legs, stunning movement and, as all my horses, a sweet and close to human temperament, will be priceless!

Pedigree-wise, this cross gathers the very best race and endurance bloodlines of Tersk Stud and Tervete Stud, adding the great Panduss, Prizrak, Topol and Moment to the fantastic Balaton, Drug, Neman! Such an exciting athletic prospect!

*** 2023 P .... F - Pan Dor x Padiraah F (Tibet) ***

Offered for sale in utero

*** N ... F - 2023 - Pan Dor x AF Fine Panilla (Papillon) ***

An amazing opportunity!!! To be born in May 2023

For the endurance riders/breeders or the fans of quality performance straight Russian bloodlines!!!!
Pan Dor: top ten CEI ** 120 km, Panduss, CEI*** 160 km winner, Papillon, CEI ** 120 km, from the same damline than double world champion Nobby!!!!